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Claustrophobia fear of enclosed spaces 6.

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Acrophobia fear of heights 7. Emetophobia fear of vomit or vomiting 8. Carcinophobia fear of cancer 9.

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Astraphobia fear of thunder and lightning Taphophobia fear of being buried alive. To create that sense of progression and escalation of danger, I simply reversed that top ten list so the final, scariest demon embodies the most prevalent phobia. As it turns out, those are fairly easy fears to apply to a monster or demon, but what about pteromerhanophobia, the fear of flying? This story became one of the most famous episodes of The Twilight Zone , a vehicle for a young William Shatner.

In a broader sense, monsters are scary because …. Can that lobster take your hand off with one of those claws?

But add an unexpected element to a predictable situation and you enhance the potential for fear. Humans tend to have a pretty good sense of what another human is going to do next. We can tell via body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice when someone is getting angry or upset. We sense when things might get out of control or violent. This is a creature, after all, outside our normal experience.

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Melissa had seen where the thing came from and even in her panic was wise enough to cover her own mouth with both hands. The thing skittered up her neck, over her cheek, and squatted on her left eye. The wind screamed and Melissa screamed with it. It was the cry of a woman drowning in the kind of pain the charts in the hospitals can never describe. She staggered backwards, clawing at the thing on her eye.


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It was pulsing faster now, and Kat could hear a low, liquid sound as the thing resumed feeding. It was a slushy sound. Want to scare the crap out of someone? Go for the eyes. No blood. Exploring truly disturbing events can be difficult for many authors to work through, in the horror genre in particular. But fantasy and science fiction—really any genre of fiction—can ask you to plumb your own psychological depths.

So what scares you? The Frankenstein effect does not happen to Dr. Frankenstein himself but to the Frankenstein monster. Frankenstein quickly regrets his decision to bring the dead back to life. Every encounter the new lively creature comes upon is negative and wrought with fear.

The creature is treated for exactly what people see him as: a monster. The Frankenstein monster obviously does not appear or act as we imagine most humans do.

How to Create Your Own Monsters in 5e Dungeons & Dragons

There is a lack of mannerisms, language, and motor skills. He grunts and groans in response to everything. Suddenly, the creature is less of a monster to the reader and to Dr. Frankenstein himself.

The ultimate question of Nature vs. Nurture or in this case non-nurturing.

Alien Monster

This allegory goes into everyday society because the question of nature v nurture is still very alive. Think about it. We get much of our social identity from those on the outside: family, friends, teachers, etc. There is a reason we trust more of what are friends think of us than our parents. Major social identity sets around the age of preschool or kindergarten from outside our families.