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How Much Water To Drink Daily?

Bt I feel sleep always. Can u reply me pls Reply Great Information, Cheers! Reply This reading has been very interesting. It is not for sissys!

Your article was a goodgood reminder. So I am going to start doing much better on hydration! Thanks for all the goog information! Reply Interesting. They are not Einsteins. More like temporary high school teachers in intellect.

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If you drink too much, you will become hypotonic. Over 3 litres on a cool, lazy day is rather a lot of water… That is not to say dehydration should not be adressed, however. Ane when you are thirsty, of course. It is the real expert. Reply By the time you feel thirsty or urine is dark, your body is already dehydrated, so waiting until those events occur and guzzling water is not the solution. Reply Thanks Tessa, this is me for sure! Great advise. Reply Could not agree more. I drink about glasses of water a day and for me that is enough. My doctor yesterday said that is way too little.

We always did fine drinking when we wanted to, yes, yes I have heard not to wait till I am thirsty, when in doubt pull the skin on your hand it should bounce right back. I am 72 and frankly tired of being told what to do at my age than when I was a child!! Reply I appreciated your comments. I feel the same way. It is very unpleasant and upsetting to me to force myself to drink more than I want. I can drink more and enjoy it by making spritzers from my favorite fruit juices mixed with seltzer water.

My current favorites are peach and apricot juice. Reply How do you feel when you are dehydrated? I have been brain washed and drowned by water marketing from Kidney foundation. Such as mild dehydration will cause permanent kidney damage. In fact older people need less water intake because they are more likely to excrete less. Since someone was 30 yrs old, Kidney function started to decline. When there is overhydration, elderly can get water intoxication due to low sodium because of high fluid intake.

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For elderly with weak kidney function, they are prone to get Hypervolumeia Fluid overload. If there is one episode of volume overload, there will be heart failure, high blood pressure, swelling, slowing or fasting heart rate, ruining of heart muscles and lung congestion.

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Fluid distribution system has been changed after volume overload and irreversible. Nausea, headache, bloating tummy are part of the symptoms of failing heart. If there is no congnitive impairment, elderly should pay extra precaution for proper hydration. Less is better than more for Seniors.

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Reply From one Reesie to another: drinking more has totally improved my overall health and well-being … lowered my BP, stopped night leg cramps, helped me to lose weight…. Reply Ice Water made from my own water versus plain tap water which is healthier? I drink 16 oz. Please help! Thank you in advance. Hot water also not good. Only warm water closest to body temp. Tea ok warm. Reply If I drink water before bed time I will have to make trips to the bathroom 5 or more times What should I do?

Sleep is also important. Surely there has to be a balance. Drinking more than oz per day brings on an episode that leaves me weak and dehydrated.

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It can be a vicious circle. So, for example, I go to bed about P.

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Immediately after that, I have an 11 ounce bottle of Ensure Max 30 grams of Protein and an 8 oz. The shower is next, followed by another 8 oz. The benefits are immense. After I was cleared by my doctor that there was no underlying medical problem, this what works for me. I drink 1 litre of water from the time I wake up at 6 a. This help to keep me hydrated throughout the day.

If I have juice, I do not include juices in this amount; mostly because of the high sugar content. I have changed my night-time med schedule from bedtime to morning before breakfast so there is no need for additional fluids at night to take them. However, it is worth noting my mouth only feels dry if I have eaten something too salty or sugary. So, even this can be managed by better diet.

As I am not dehydrated by the end if the day, there is no need for additional water after 6 p.

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I wish you health. Reply Iget up4to5 times between and am is that normal Reply I am 77 and very active. Reply This is one awesome post Amie? I try to drink water every now and then — before going to sleep, after I wake up Studies say that water can help to restart our organs , and during my meals. As tracking is the only way we know for sure whether we have accomplished our goals. I do carry around my own water bottle 20 oz so tracking will not be tough for me?

Also I try to make water more interesting, I usually go with iced tea? Anyways, thank you for the comprehensive post?

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  8. Water has so many benefits and yet many of us forget to drink enough of it everyday and most of us are not aware of what our daily intake should be. Reply Great article, especially water before bed to avoid leg-cramps — get a lot of those. Reply There is an exercise to stop leg cramps before they start.

    I used to have a lot of them and it works. Stretch legs while lying down pulling your feet up towards you while keeping legs flat. Hold that position for a second or two then relax. Repeat a few times.

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    8. This stretches the calf muscles and really does work. As well as water of course. Reply I found that taking potassium and magnesium helps the potassium absorption eliminates leg cramps. This is the first time I have heard that drinking water will do that. BTW I am 74 years old and fairly healthy. Reply Benefits of drinking water should be known and apply in our lives which is an essential part of the human life.