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The rule about who a Hebrew could marry clearly was inconsequential in light of the man that Moses was and the work that Moses did. Miriam and Aaron were chastised, Moses, never. The Christian paradigm for love is set down in the text of scripture and embodied in the life of Christ. The commonality of emotions we share within the human experience is good and comforting, but it is imperfect. All through scripture, love is opposition to sin; not cruel or vindictive opposition, but kind and direct opposition.

The first 13 years were due solely to profound illness. The 10 years since have been due solely and soulfully to profound healing. The conversation-dialog-debate-destruction-healing within MCUSA that I have witnessed and participated in at SMC in recurring cycles for these past 10 years is too intense for me to continue in that aspect of our Church Life.

When I said this during Worship last Summer to my dear congregation, I was filled with the Holy Spirit and embraced by the Love of my Spiritual Family that my non-religious birth family has never provided since I came out gay in , age I said that I was blessed to have straight members of our Family who continue our Struggles-With-God on my behalf. Blessings and the Peace of Christ be with your son and his partner and on their loving parents. God bless you both. It did strike a very familiar chord of pain in my life and I feel called to respond to that shared longing.

I want to add the following to my testimony by first thanking the other Replier for that sensitive witness. I now use a much lower maintenance dose in tablet form. I was too pre-occupied with my journey with-In to try to manage my In-curable diseases to even think about relationships or loneliness. I was busy around the clock. I still am.

But since my first exposure to Mennonites at Seattle Mennonite Church SMC on December 12, , I have returned to my teen-age ideals of saving myself for one person after we marry, in my case to someone of the same gender. I wanted then and have chosen since my radical healing in to hold myself to the same standard held to heterosexual Mennonites. No sex outside a monogamous marriage.

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That was a catastrophe that shocked me in my mis-reading of how my friends and family would react in It turned my already wounded and traumatized emotional life inside out. Those are my personal beliefs. I am not evangelical and have no interest in trying to convert others to my beliefs based on what God has been revealing to me throughout my life.

My history is a litany of not being able to discern who I could trust and who would betray me in such spectacular ways, before and since HIV, as to change my life on earth. May the Peace of Christ stay my hand of anger from turning on my surviving family members and specific other individuals to rub their faces in their crimes against nature. It has always been an option and a temptation. It took me 51 years and AIDS to find my natural Family and the majority shun and punish me just as my ex-Mennonite, ex-Christian family continues to do.

It is so hard not to drop verbal or written bombs on the lot of us.

Grace Kernersville, PCA – Worship, Witness, and Walk in love

I invite and challenge people who claim to be Mennonite Anabaptist Christians and Followers of Jesus to leave the judging to God and get on with the Love of Christ. And using gasoline engines and electricity and smartphones. And divorce and remarrying. And the ordination of women. We know what quoting Scripture does to all sides on all issues. Let us try refraining from quoting Scripture on this hugely divisive issue. I am deeply touched by your testimony. I found myself repeatedly moved to tears as I read it aloud to my wife.

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This struck such a deep cord in me. Thank you for being such an example of courage and compassion. Marvin, I was touched by your openness to reexamine your beliefs. On this issue, and many others that we hold dear, there is an extreme lack of openness to consider other perspectives. I am often reminded that I need to remain open to hearing from those with whom I disagree.

In Case You Didn’t Know: Shame Fucks You Up

We all need its love and grace as demonstrated by Jesus. What a gift you have given us, Brother Wenger, in sharing publicly your personal position! Thank you for taking the risk of speaking with honesty, integrity and love.

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  • Yes, we need to love all people. Please read Leviticus incest, homosexual behavior, and sex with animals are all described as sin in this context. If homosexual behavior is OK, then is incest OK? As a young adult, I would be grieved to see the Mennonite Church endorse homosexual behavior. Should we eliminate certain parts from the Bible simply because they are difficult or make us feel uncomfortable? I certainly hope not! Sadly, it appears the homosexual-agenda-pushers seek to cause a split in the Mennonite Church.

    Usually, folks like me keep silent because we are afraid of all the judgment and intolerance from those who disagree with us. Even if you disagree with me, please think! And please read Leviticus 18 and Romans 1 before, arriving at emotional conclusions. Please read the whole book of Leviticus and see how much of it you are following before quoting it to others. Herb Reed. Oh yes, Mr. Some are inconsistent with others, some are outdated since the the new covenant of Jesus Christ.

    You are obviously wise and caring people and parents. You have likely seen and experienced many changes over the course of your lifetimes thus far. Some people resist and fight change, some embrace our growing understanding of the world and the people within, and use it to enhance their lives, and the lives of others. You clearly fall into the second category.

    You are a courageous man, Mr. Wenger, however age does not always mean wisdom. You have made an unwise choice and have thrown those you love in turmoil. Pastor Wenger, thank you so, so much—though I and my family were raised Catholic, I grew up surrounded by a loving Mennonite community and am forever grateful for that.

    I have many close friends who are LGBT, and know the deep and spiritual struggles they face. Many blessings to you and your family. There are reference to God condemning fleshly lust and sexual unions other than between a man and a woman who have joined in marrage. With out a revival organizations that seek to be part in The Church are but a sounding brass and clanging simble.

    Scripture should always be taken in context.

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    There is a good case to be made that Paul was speaking of pederasty so prevalent in his day just like is common in places like Afghanistan today. Perhaps you should find out what pederasty really is before you go on.

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    Take care.