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Using Resolvers dramatically changes the way architects and developers can build, design and implement BizTalk Server solutions. As a quick example, most designs of BizTalk prior to the ESB toolkit hard coded, and statically configured maps. A Map contains a Source schema associated with an xslt transformation, and a destination schema.

If either the source, destination or transformation stylesheet changes, it can potentially render the map invalid and cause all kinds of errors. Using a more agile design allows architects to use different versions of maps at runtime, and even dynamically pre-compile a auto generated map all at runtime. All this to say Resolvers are the key compoonent of the ESB toolkit.

Which leads us to SO-Aware…. The SO-Aware resolver and database can be easily extended to resolve Maps, schemas, pipelines and orchestrations. Below is an example of how to use the SO-Aware resolver inside an Itinerary. Name the resolver SoAware, and set the properties:. The SO-Aware Resolver contains these properties:. Service Name: This is the name of the Service You would like to retrieve its configuration from.

Note: The BizTalk Version of this Resolver is a more generic example, whereas the BizTalk version contains more functionality. I just wanted to log my notes for everyone to use when trying to setup ESB 2. So that you can compare yours.