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Drinking meal replacements such as Huel and Soylent is an idea that has already taken root among the tech community over recent years as a way of reducing the time that an individual needs to spend away from their screen. The workstation the accountant uses is based on real products that Matsuda developed in his work as an interaction designer.

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Among other roles, he was previously vice president at Leap Motion, a hardware and software company that focuses on using human hand-tracking as a way of controlling technology. The background of green fields and blue skies is a play on the Windows XP background design called "Bliss". Matsuda suggested that the workstation in the film could be considered the "ultimate workplace productivity design". During his research for the film, Matsuda became interested in the ideology of productivity that informs many decisions made about work today. Many of the phrases in the script are taken directly from blogs, talks, self-help books and courses that focus on productivity.

The actual effect is that people work the same amount of hours or longer , but their expected output is higher. The film can be viewed on a normal screen, using a mouse to click and drag to different positions, but an immersive VR version is also available.


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It is the latest of several movies from Matsuda that imagine a near-future reality dominated by augmented interfaces. In he released the short film Hyper-Reality , set in Medellin, Colombia, which imagined a future where virtual overlays had come to dominate the human experience of the city with games, internet service, diary functions and more constantly popping up in the main character's field of vision.

His other previous films include a vision of the city of the future produced for Dezeen's exhibiton on the future of mobility during the London Design Festival in Matsuda previously produced a film for Dezeen imagining how virtual reality will shape the future of transport.

A woman who gave her name as Robin sleeps on a bench at World Trade Center. She said she decided to live in the station because it provides anonymity. The police sometimes make her move, she said, but she does not mind being shuffled around. Most regular riders of the New York City subway will have seen someone who lives on a train or in a station, sometimes asking for money.


The homeless have become part of the subway experience. In return, advocacy groups slammed the MTA.

Criminalizing homelessness, they said, would only push people further away from the help they need. Historically, the MTA police force — currently about strong — has primarily been deployed at commuter railroads and their stations. Cuomo, who has avoided taking the subway for years, recently spoke to a local radio show. So that is a very real problem.

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Lying down is a form of disorderly conduct. Violations can result in criminal prosecution. Sleeping upright can have devastating effects on blood circulation and health which is why we see homeless folks with swollen feet and ankles. Josh Dean, executive director of Human. NYC , a homeless advocacy group, said he had seen police enforcement in action. If someone is lying down in a subway car, he said, even late at night when no one else is on the train, officers will bang batons on the seats or poke the person, trying to wake them.

But thousands more were on the streets.

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Each year, volunteers make federally mandated counts of people sleeping on the streets and the subway. On one below-freezing night in January , one such count found 3, people living rough, 2, of them underground. Their help is routinely declined. Those living in the stations do not want to go to a temporary shelter or through the complicated intake system for a permanent place. Karen Walker, 56, made the choice to live in Penn Station last year.

After a violent relationship left her on the streets in , she paid to live in a building that was part-shelter, part-rented single-occupancy rooms. Tired of tensions between those who lived there as a shelter and those who paid rent, she moved into Penn. Officers patrol the station at night. They usually come around three or four in the morning, Walker said, when the commuters are gone.