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Die von den Mitgliedstaaten gemeldeten einzelstaatlichen Bestimmungen lassen es nicht zu, allgemeine Schlussfolgerungen hinsichtlich der Auslegung dieser Kriterien zu ziehen. Insgesamt wurden 63 Sicherheitsbescheinigungen entzogen.

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It is apparent that provisions at EU level are unclear as to how often on-site inspections of railway companies must be carried out and what form they should take. This has resulted in differing standards throughout the common European market, which is detrimental to safety and fair competition. How have these measures been implemented in the individual Member States?

What criteria are used in inspections of railway companies, including routine operations? How many railway companies have been inspected in the individual Member States to date? How many cases of infringements of safety regulations have been found, and what were they? What and how many measures at national and EU level have been introduced and reviewed to assess their effectiveness as a result of infringements or incidents?

How many railway companies have had their safety certificate revoked as a result of incidents or infringements of safety regulations? Does the Commission assume that the railway system is that much safer because few, if any, safety certificates have been revoked?

scoperte scientifiche non lautarari.tk4

The national provisions notified by the Member States to the Commission do not allow to draw general conclusions on the interpretation of these terms. This information cannot be retrieved from the database on notified national safety rules. Only in 3 cases in Norway , does the revocation appear to be linked to safety deficiencies identified or deficiencies in the safety management system.

The number of revoked safety certificates is not relevant for this purpose. The fact is that bacteria in foodstuffs are increasingly becoming highly antibiotic-resistant. The health risks are self-evident, and the poorest sections of society are most at risk, given that antibiotic resistance is most prevalent in low-end products. These facts should be a wake-up call for us to draw up more ambitious EU legislation. Does the Commission intend proposing legislation to reduce the use of antibiotics in the agrifood sector and thus curb growing bacterial resistance to antibiotics? Does it intend to tackle antibiotic resistance effectively by laying down a target figure for reducing the use of antibiotics?

Will the Commission propose legislation on the most worrying issue of the cocktail effect of antibiotics in livestock rearing?

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According to studies published in the journal PLOS ONE, the combination of fungicides used in livestock rearing gives rise to unexpected effects on human nervous system cells, in particular in connection with Alzheimer's disease. Those effects have been observed at levels close to those found in our foods.

Scoperte scientifiche non autorizzate. Oltre la verità ufficiale

In the negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, will the Commission oppose any relaxation of food safety standards? The EU must not sacrifice its food safety standards; consumer food safety must continue to be its primary concern. After testing around chicken and turkey samples purchased from supermarkets, markets and butchers, the consumer association UFC-Que choisir has issued a warning about the presence of bacteria which are resistant to one or several antibiotics.

Despite the fact that leading scientists and public authorities have drawn attention to this major public health issue, European legislation and regulations in this area are still far from adequate. In the light of these alarming findings, how does the Commission intend to follow up on the study, which has highlighted the magnitude of the problem in France, Spain and Italy?

Does the Commission intend to introduce measures to tackle the problem of antibiotic resistance in bacteria which has developed as a result of the intensive use of antibiotics in farming, and thus protect consumers, particularly those on low incomes? Will the Commission consider these recommendations, with a view to protecting the health of EU citizens as effectively as possible? The Commission action plan also stresses the importance of international cooperation and takes into account measures for the control of the spread of resistant bacteria in the food chain linked to import from third countries.

The Commission is aware of sensitivities in the food safety sector and will ensure that EU health standards will not be watered down. Nonostante gli interventi approntati, anche di natura legislativa e regolamentare, a livello sia europeo che nazionale, lo sgradito fenomeno perdura tutt'oggi, procurando notevoli danni all'industria e all'artigianato del panorama continentale. Non ritiene inoltre utile la Commissione promuovere tutte le iniziative possibili atte a far cessare l'impiego di simili pratiche commerciali fraudolente?

A tale riguardo gli Stati membri, sotto la supervisione e la guida della Commissione, hanno introdotto sanzioni contro qualsiasi utilizzo fraudolento della marcatura CE.

Aerohabitat: Safety

La marcatura CE costituisce un elemento visibile dell'intero sistema di regolamentazione della libera circolazione dei prodotti. It has been known for many years that Chinese industry is producing and exporting throughout the world, in particular in the European market, products carrying a conformity mark which, in graphic terms, is patently liable to be confused with the corresponding mark used by the European Union.

In spite of legislative and regulatory measures in place in Europe and individual Member States, this unwelcome phenomenon still persists, causing substantial damage to industry and small businesses in Europe. Does the Commission not also consider it expedient to take all possible action to put an end to the use of such fraudulent commercial practices? Does it not also consider it expedient to create and introduce a new conformity mark to replace the current mark? The Commission is not aware of any organised attempt to misuse the CE Marking. However the Commission is aware that the CE Marking like any other marking is sometimes counterfeited.

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The enforcement of the European legislation is the responsibility of the national authorities in the Member States. In this respect, under the supervision and guidance of the Commission, Member States have established penalties against any infringement of the CE marking.

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The Commission ensures that adequate controls are carried out and appropriate action taken by the authorities of the Member States. To this end, the Commission has provided national authorities with an electronic communication platform in order to faciliate the detection of abuses or misuses. Furthermore, the Commission is in constant discussion with the Chinese authorities in order to ensure that Chinese exporters respect EU legislation.

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CE Marking is a visible part of a whole regulatory system for the free movement of products. Any abuse of the CE Marking e. It is therefore very difficult and possibly misleading to quantify any impact in terms of simple numbers. Arresto del terzogenito di Muammar Gheddafi. La notizia giunge direttamente dal governo libico, che ha pubblicamente ringraziato il Niger per la collaborazione. Il giovane, che prima della primavera araba ricopriva la carica di comandante delle forze speciali libiche, durante le rivolte del era fuggito attraverso il Sahara e aveva trovato rifugio nel suddetto stato africano.

Yesterday morning, the third son of former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was handed over to the Libyan authorities at Matiga Airport in Tripoli, having been tracked down and arrested in Niger. The news comes directly from the Libyan Government, which publicly thanked Niger for its cooperation. The young man, who before the Arab Spring was a commander in the Libyan special forces, fled across the Sahara during the revolution in and found refuge in the abovementioned African country.

Immediately after the handover, he was escorted with an impressive degree of security to a maximum security prison, where he will now have to wait to face trial. With regard to these proceedings, and given the significant degree of hostility that people feel towards him, can the Commission advise whether it plans to contact the Libyan authorities to draw their attention to the fact that the son of the former dictator must be granted all the rights afforded to him under the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms?

The EU has repeatedly urged the Libyan authorities to uphold its international commitments in the field of human rights, including regarding the treatment of detainees, and has called on the Libyan government to complete the process of bringing all places of detention under its full control. The EU has made clear that compliance with universal human rights should also govern those cases involving prominent figures of the former regime as the one mentioned by the Honourable Member of the European Parliament.

Un kamikaze a bordo di un bus imbottito di esplosivo si sarebbe fatto esplodere in mezzo al traffico nei pressi del checkpoint. Diversi strumenti dell'UE finanziano progetti volti ad agevolare la distruzione di armi e munizioni in eccedenza, a migliorare la sicurezza delle scorte e a rafforzare il controllo dei trasferimenti di armi da parte del governo sia nei paesi esportatori che in quelli importatori per evitare che siano dirottate verso il mercato illecito.

D IC EM BRE,2013 Vol.,7,n.,1,gGiugno,2014

I progetti finanziati dall'UE riducono il rischio che le armi siano trasferite illegalmente e utilizzate, in particolare, nei paesi teatro di conflitti. Tali progetti possono essere attuati da organizzazioni regionali e internazionali competenti quali le agenzie dell'ONU. A norma dell'ATT, prima di autorizzare un trasferimento di armi gli Stati firmatari sono tenuti a valutare, fra l'altro, il rischio di diversione e ad adottare, se del caso, misure volte ad attenuarlo.

A minibus packed with explosives was detonated by a suicide bomber in a busy road in the vicinity of the checkpoint. Other attacks have since added further names to the list of victims in other cities elsewhere in the country. A number of projects financed through different EU instruments aim at facilitating the destruction of surplus weapons and ammunition, improving the security of stockpiles, strengthening the governmental oversight over arms transfers both in the exporting and importing countries so that they are not diverted to the illicit market.

Those EU-funded projects altogether reduce the risk of arms being illegally transferred and used notably in conflict-torn countries. They can be implemented by competent regional and international organisations such as UN agencies. Typically, the ATT mandates States Parties to assess inter alia the risk of diversion, and where relevant to take mitigation measures, before possibly approving an arms transfer. Censura dei social media in Turchia.