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What you'll learn. No prior experience or special equipment is needed. Which are the Search Quality Guidelines.

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4 Lessons From A Year‘s SEO Crash Course

How to do the Initial Proper Setup of an webiste. FULL Support through the discussion area of the course! Who this course is for:. Course content. Expand all 28 lectures Overview of the course. Preview Algorithmic penalties come when Google changes the way their ranking algorithm works, such that the value assigned to your page drops, and thus your overall site value and search ranking drops. Google regularly updates their algorithm, but major updates tend to only happen once or twice a year.

One of the biggest such updates happened in and was called Panda.

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It dramatically shifted the baseline for what would be considered quality content and hurt sites that used too much low-value content. Prior to Panda, volume over quality was a viable strategy. Post-Panda, quality over quantity became the mantra. You then have to cross-reference that date with any known algorithmic updates. Only then can you determine what caused your drop and how you can improve that factor. Since there are hundreds of individual factors contributing to your Google ranking, it can be difficult to track one down. Foremost among these is Google Analytics, which will track a myriad of traffic and site information, and works well with a bunch of other systems.

You will also want to learn and grow familiar with many of the other industry tools. There are also dozens of tools for narrower purposes, to use as necessary. Data is the key to any successful optimization plan. You need to know where you start, you need to know what to change, and you need to know how those changes affected your site. Only with good analytics installed ahead of time can you harvest this data.

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  4. Meta data. Your site meta data generally includes your title and description. This is code in the header of your site and is what determines the text in Google search results.

    What is SEO?

    You want your title to be 70 or fewer characters, with a brand name, generally with a page article title as well. Your description should be a couple of sentences with a summary of the content and a keyword or two worked in. Additional meta data. Image alt text is a big one here, but many supplemental forms of media have their own meta data you can add, up to and include the Schema. Links from your site to other sites, and links from your site to other pages on your site, are both important. Internal links help Google discover other pages on your site, to fully index everything.

    You can also accomplish this with a sitemap. Links from your site to other websites pass some SEO value from you on to them, unless you use nofollow, which is a discussion on its own.

    Other elements of site structure. Copy link.


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